Mercedes-Benz’s smart idea – three-wheeling ads during SXSW

Mercedes-Benz and smart USA, building off our relationship with car2go, arranged a fun pedicab advertising campaign. They rented the Waller Ballroom, renamed it “house of smart,” and strategically deployed 4 drivers for hire with 4 sleekly wrapped pedicabs for 4 days. (Author’s note: I name-dropped and linked the Ballroom because it was a lovely facility, […]

Chicago should adopt modern best practices for pedicab regulation.

In response to the Chicago ABC Chanel 7 news article and video found here: and   Pedicabs, in their modern form, have been operating around the United States for over 20 years. They started in places like Denver with Mile High Pedicab, the Florida keys, and the 1972 Worlds Fair in Spokane, Washington […]

With no rules of the road, Chicago’s pedicabs thrive

Source: With no rules of the road, Chicago’s pedicabs thrive In Chicago’s ‘Wild West’ pedicab industry business is up, but so are run-ins with the police. April 9, 2013 Caroline O’Donovan As winter slowly melts into spring, you’ll see them around Chicago with greater frequency. Hanging around after Bulls games and theater performances, armed […]

SXSW 2013: Inside Austin’s Pedicab Economy

Source: Shortly after I arrived in Austin, Texas, for this year’s iteration of the South by Southwest, I hailed a pedicab—and took a ride on one of the more compelling business stories of the festival. A cheerful, mustachioed man on one of the ubiquitous machines—a cross between a bicycle and a rickshaw—offered to pedal […]