Impossible Foods (2017)

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Back in 2017, Impossible Foods chose Austin to be its third city to unveil its new plant-based faux-meat burger patty, after San Francisco and New York City. It premiered at local burger bar chain Hopdoddy. To promote their new product downtown, where there is a Hopdoddy location, they turned to pedicabs.

Impossible Foods selected the following options for their campaign:

Full wraps and Flags for 10 pedicabs, from our Ad printing menu.

3D fixtures for 5 pedicabs, from our Outside the box menu. Delicious-looking, conversation-starting fiberglass burgers were attached to pedicabs.

Driver branding and Driver-for-hire, from our Driver engagement menu. The 15 pedicab drivers were provided Impossible-branded t-shirts and hats, and they provided free rides for 5 hours one afternoon, for a total of 75 hours. Additionally, Impossible educated us about their product and also provided us literature so we could confidently answer questions about it.

We were filmed for an online commercial, which was cool, but I liked that we were fed complimentary burgers!

Their campaign is part of our Food and restaurants portfolio.