BrainJuice @ SXSW 2017

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Natural energy drink producer BrainJuice was a welcome, last-minute addition to our sprawling SXSW 2017 campaign roster.

They selected the following options for their campaign:

Full wraps for 3 pedicabs, from our Ad printing menu. Something that they did that I am a strong proponent of was adding their hashtag #BrainJuiceSXSW onto the wrap itself.

Distribution, Driver branding, and Driver-for-hire, from our Driver engagement menu. The pedicab drivers were provided BrainJuice-branded t-shirts, and they provided free rides to BrainJuice brand ambassadors for 4 hours per day, for four days, for a total of 64 hours. They delivered BrainJuice taste tests to lucky pedestrians. What a service!

I’d like to close by saying that we at Movemint Bike Cab are huge proponents of advertisers leaving foodstuff with us, and BrainJuice left a veritable cache of energy drinks. Much obliged.

Their campaign is part of Non-alcoholic beverages portfolio.