SkinnyPop Popcorn @ ACL 2016

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SkinnyPop Popcorn is a local snack company who liked us enough to work with us for three festivals. Whenever I see their product on store shelves, I always feel happy for them and their success, and I appreciate the time that we spent together. So long, and thanks for all the popcorn.

SkinnyPop selected the following options for their campaign:

Full wraps and Wheel covers for 5 pedicabs and their 15 wheels, from our Ad printing menu. The wheel cover decorations were adorable puffy popcorn pieces.

Distribution, Driver branding, and Driver-for-hire, from our Driver engagement menu. The pedicab drivers were provided SkinnyPop-branded t-shirts, they provided free rides for 8 hours per day, for 6 days (each festival day), for a total of 240 hours. Something that they did that I am a strong proponent of was adding their hashtag (#skinnypoprides) and social media handle (@skinnypoprides) on the back of each branded t-shirt.

The pedicab drivers distributed free bags of SkinnyPop popcorn. They carried the bags in handlebar-attached Cool R’ Rax; a seatpost-attached custom-made pouch for the passengers; and more in their pedicabs’ trunk space. Our East Austin pedicab shop served as a depot for whenever they ran out of popcorn.

2D signboards, from our Outside the box menu. The signboards looked like opened bags of popcorn.

Their seriously cute and delicious campaign is part of our Foods & restaurants portfolio.

(We also worked together at SXSW 2016 and ACL 2015.)