Saxx Underwear @ SXSW 2017

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Thank you, Saxx Underwear, for the sexiest pedicab advertising I’ll never see.

Their campaign was pretty simple, and, honestly, it was pretty brilliant. We can easily ride 12 or more hours per day during festivals, which can get a little funky, and the pedicab drivers involved with this campaign can, will and did attest that they felt comfortable while wearing Saxx.

Saxx Underwear selected the following options for their campaign:

Full wrap for 1 pedicab, from our Ad printing menu. Something that they did that I am a strong proponent of was adding their hashtags #SwitchToSaxx and #LifeChangingUnderwear onto the wrap itself.

As an aside, our Twitter post promoting their campaign remains our single most popular tweet yet. It generated over 9,000 impressions.

Driver branding and Driver-for-hire, from our Driver engagement menu. The pedicab driver was provided Saxx-branded underwear, and they provided free rides for 3 hours per day for 3 days, for a total of 9 hours. The vision of a virile, seminude pedicab driver soliciting pedestrians with “free rides” really amuses me.

Their campaign is part of our Tech, services, & underwear portfolio.