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Pedicabs are the ultimate outdoor advertising platform.

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Other advertising platforms do not have the same reach, influence, mobility, numbers and access as pedicabs.  Billboards are immobile and scarce downtown; automobile billboards can be paralyzed by traffic or excluded by barricades; and walking billboards can only travel as far as their carrier.

Andy giving a ride to a happy customer on a Car2Go wrapped pedicab during Austin City Limits ACL music festival

We have 63 pedicabs.  A pedicab driver can easily ride 20 miles per shift, especially during festivals.  Every ride is an adventure in experiential advertising.  People love to pose with and take photos of pedicabs and their drivers.  (We literally have a Flickr album dedicated to what we’ve found on social media.)  There’s a real potential for 1,200 miles of positive, memorable experiences per day.  The other advertising platforms simply cannot compare to what we have to offer your campaign.

Luke giving Amigo Man a ride during South by Southwest SXSW on an El Paso wrapped pedicab.

Ad printing

4 panel ads


Full wraps

Single rear panel ads

Wheel covers

Fred dropping off a couple of happy ladies during Austin City Limits ACL music festival on a Skinny Pop wrapped pedicab with a 2D panel ad and free popcorn to boot!

Driver engagement

Brand ambassador


Driver branding


Whataburger wrapped pedicabs with custom built 3D french fries. Waiting to roll out during SXSW.

Outside the box

2D signboards

3D fixtures

Billboard trikes

Custom builds

Custom canopies



TV trikes

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