MetroPCS (2016)

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In Spring 2016, telecommunications giant MetroPCS wanted to promote their new “Unlimited Data, Talk & Text” plan in the San Antonio and Austin markets, and they wanted a lot of pedicabs to do it.

Something I didn’t know until recently is that MetroPCS is a subsidiary of T-Mobile, with whom we advertised at SXSW 2016.

MetroPCS selected the following option for their campaign:

For San Antonio: Panel ads for 13 pedicabs, from our Ad printing menu.

Some interesting things about San Antonio is that there are only two pedicab companies in entire city, both of them are locally owned, and they have 13 pedicabs between them. We worked with them for this campaign.

MetroPCS expertly timed their promotion. It started at Fiesta, San Antonio’s massive annual celebration that draws an estimated 3.5 million attendees per year. That’s a lot of impressions.

For Austin: Panel ads for 20 pedicabs, from our Ad printing menu.

Their campaign is part of our Tech, services, & underwear portfolio.