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Here are some examples of various fixtures we can install or attach to a pedicab that can amplify your message.


We are the only pedicab company in Austin that can tailor-make canopies for advertising campaigns.  We are also the only pedicab company to have canopies available for all of our pedicabs.  Clients who have used this service include Oregon Mt. Hood Territory and Verifone.

Cool R’ Rax

These are handlebar-mounted coolers.  The coolers are within reach of the pedicab driver, making them perfect for product distribution.  We’ve used them for energy drinks, water and popcorn.  We have also created a proprietary “tailgate” for several of our pedicabs, which enables their ability to carry even larger coolers that can comfortably carry up to 60 14oz bottles and ice packs.  We can carry additional product in the pedicab’s trunk space, in a satchel connected to the seat post, and our conveniently located downtown shop can serve as a depot.  Clients who have used this service include PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and SkinnyPop Popcorn.

Fixtures (including signboards)

We are the only pedicab company in Austin that creates signboards and/or fiberglass fixtures.  Clients who have used this service include car2go, HBO, Whataburger, Impossible Foods and SkinnyPop Popcorn.


We created protective casings for our 32 iPads.  We can connect a case to a driver’s seat post, putting it in full view of their passengers.  The cases can be fitted with speakers.  Clients who have used this service include Budweiser and PwC.

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