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These two advertising options typically complement each other.

Driver branding

Clients frequently provide pedicab drivers with branded t-shirts, hats or other items to complement an ad campaign.  Thin t-shirts or athletic jerseys are preferable.  This is a sound investment because pedicab drivers will continue to wear the shirts long after a campaign has ended.  Clients who have used this service include Capital One, HBO, Pandora / Advance Auto Parts and many more.


Clients often pay pedicab drivers an hourly rate so that they will provide free rides for pedestrians.  If the driver is wearing a branded t-shirt with a visible hashtag and/or social media handle, passengers sometimes tweet or post their appreciation.  Clients who have used this service include SkinnyPop PopcornWhataburger, and many more.  Driver-for-hire is frequently used by clients during festivals, product unveiling or business openings, or by event organizers for convention attendee transportation.

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