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We are the only pedicab company to do all of our printing.  This helps keep costs low and allows us to control all aspects of production.  All ads are laminated with a clear protective film to protect them and provide them with the longest life in a sometimes rough-and-tumble environment.

Full vinyl wraps

A full wrap offers 25 sq ft of advertising space.  Clients who have fully wrapped their pedicabs include Saxx Underwear, smart / Mercedes-Benz, T-MobileVisit El Paso and YuMe.

Panel ads

A complete panel ad “wrap” offers 15 sq ft of advertising space.  This is the budget option.  Sometimes clients opt to cover only the back panel of a pedicab.  Clients who have had panel ads installed on their pedicabs include MetroPCS, Time Warner Cable and Uncle Bob’s Self Storage.

Wheel covers

Covering all three wheels offers 10 sq ft of advertising space.  This service is usually used in conjunction with a full wrap.  Clients who have covered their pedicab wheels include car2go, Oregon Mt. Hood Territory, PwC, SkinnyPop Popcorn, and Third Man Records.

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