We have advertising space available for Austin City Limits 2018!

October promises to be great for us and for your brand. You have the potential to make 1,000,000 impressions in Austin alone. Scheduled for this month is the massive two-weekend Austin City Limits Music Festival, followed by the Formula 1 Grand Prix, both events intermixed with Texas Longhorns football games, regular weekends (one extended due to a federal holiday), […]

Advertise with us: The Big Kahuna

Hey!  We appreciate you being here.  Hopefully this colorful glossary will help inform your pedicab advertising decision-making.  Thanks for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you. To pause an animation, hover your cursor icon over the image. This tip will come in handy.   Billboard trike   Billboard trikes don’t have to adhere […]

Advertise with us: Driver branding

These two advertising options typically complement each other.   Driver branding   Driver-for-hire       If you’d like to read about other services we offer, the following posts about advertising options may be of interest: Fixtures of all sorts Mobile billboards Wraps, panel ads and wheel covers     Contact us David Knipp Phone: […]

ClarkDietrich @ CONSTRUCT 2016

If you’re wondering who or what ClarkDietrich is, here’s their “About Us” page on their website. It’s actually an interesting and accessible website if you’d like to read about building construction material. If you’d prefer to read about ClarkDietrich’s partnership with Movemint Bike Cab for pedicab advertising, resist the temptation to click that link. There’s […]