Pedicab advertising with Sweetwater Brewing Company Austin, Texas

We were excited to work with the Sweet Water Brewing Company this summer to help promote their Austin Metro Area product launch.  In keeping with their theme of “Don’t Float the Mainstream” they chose to advertise on 10 pedicabs in the downtown Austin area.  They came up with some incredibly vibrant tie-dye themed “full-wrap” graphics that looked incredible on some of our white pedicabs.   At Movemint we are fortunate to have several colors of pedicabs be able to best match our customers adverting graphics.  In this case we felt that white would be a good background color.   In some cases we may use our black, red, or our green sparkle, purple sparkle, or blue sparkle pedicabs.  Our mixed fleet of pedicabs gives us advantages of being able to work with smaller advertisers and tailor to their needs.  We have developed templates for all of our bikes so that it is easy for our clients to develop graphics for smaller campaigns of 1 to 10 pedicabs or larger campaigns of up to 100+ pedicabs.

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