Reserve a pedicab! or: Movemint’s charter services

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Folks reserve pedicabs all the time for a variety of reasons.

We chauffeur the romantic night out. Perhaps after their dinner and before retiring to their hotel for evening the loving couple would rather meander about downtown for some sightseeing? Maybe they’d like to hear the sounds that made Austin famous?

We showcase Austin’s best parts. We invite tourists to pick their own adventure, and we’ll tour where they want to explore. Let us be an entry in your travel blog. Folks are most interested in street art, history, scenic views and dirty stories. What about you?

We’re there to celebrate her last night on the town before the gown. Three-wheeling bachelorette parties, bridin’ dirty! Now there’s a party idea.


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We send off the happily married couple after their wedding.

(Images taken by Addison Studios.)


Event planners recruit our services for corporate events, pop-up events, conventions, mobile advertising and civic engagement and we help however we’re needed, including with branding, wraps and – of course – personable, attractive pedicab drivers.

(Author’s note: Probably the most entertaining and unique corporate event I’ve ever worked was  a scavenger hunt. Sales teams can be pretty competitive!)

Keep Austin Weird. Ride a pedicab. 




(Author’s post-script: We also offer a dog-walking service that is very popular with dogs.)



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