ACL fans love SkinnyPop Popcorn pedicabs

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Proof(, and for the body of evidence, here’s the collection).

SkinnyPop Popcorn‘s third pedicab ad campaign with us, for Austin City Limits Music Festival 2016, was identical to those they ran in both SXSW 2016 and ACL 2015.


Their whole design was pretty cute. It was bright, colorful and eye-catching.  A pedicab was styled, using both the wrap and a custom-made cardboard fixture, to look like an opened bag of popcorn.  The wheel covers displayed puffy popcorn pieces.  Racks were installed on the pedicab driver’s handlebars to hold a cooler’s-worth of product.  The coolers themselves were branded with SkinnyPop “license plates.”

Attached to the pedicab driver’s seatpost was another set of handlebars, which held open a custom-made pouch containing free popcorn bags for fares.  The pedicab driver was “branded” and “for hire,” meaning they wore a campaign t-shirt and provided free rides.  Their shifts were for 8 hours per festival day. Printed on the t-shirt, down the driver’s back, was @skinnypop’s social media handle, and the hashtag #skinnypoprides.

People loved these five pedicabs.  Speaking to the pedicab drivers about their experiences afterward, the only way they could’ve been more popular is if a headliner had been with them.


(Author’s note: I’m a huge fan of SkinnyPop, not only because of the scope of their campaigns and their frequent partnership (and their tasty product), but also because of how they indirectly influenced how we manage our Flickr account’s content. During the festival, their ACL-specific hashtag #SkinnyPopRides was noticeably popular on the main social media platforms we use – Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The decision was made that their Flickr album should showcase the real-world success of their campaign, which was later applied to all respective campaign albums. That also led to the creation of the third-party catch-all compilation ‘Through Their Eyes,’ that features approximately 20% of our entire collection of photos.)

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