Pedicab advertising Moves Austin Forward during ACL!

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Back in 2016, City of Austin residents were asked to raise their property taxes to pay for a $720 million mobility bond. This was a historically massive number. Despite outreach efforts to different constituencies, polling reflected mixed to negative views. That’s where Move Austin Forward came in. Move Austin Forward was a political action committee formed by private organizations interested in Prop 1’s passage.

Move Austin Forward approached us and requested 37 pedicabs for a six-week ad campaign to run through both weekends of the Austin City Limits Music Festival, a few University of Texas Longhorns football games, Halloween, the massive local-oriented Pecan Street Festival, and several weekends and minor festivals. This totaled at least 1 million impressions.


They wrapped our pedicabs with eye-catching colors and stand-out graphics. With their 37 pedicabs and several high-profile Austin events, we were seen anywhere and everywhere.


A photo of the Austin City Limits out-crowd found on Instagram. Author’s note: I didn’t edit it. I’m sharing this to illustrate the ad’s distinction.

The campaign began Friday, September 23rd and ended on Tuesday, November 8th – Election Day. And, much to the author’s amazement, it passed. It passed with over 59% of the vote, soundly beating the pre-election polls.

Movemint Bike Cab has been in existence for nine years now, and this is the single largest pedicab advertising campaign we’ve had the pleasure of working.

If you’re reading this, and you’re considering pedicab advertising, you are invited to contact us. If you’d like, you’re welcome to request even more of our fleet; we have 57 pedicabs. Tempting, right? Here’s our portfolio.

(Author’s note: The image of Wonder Woman was our most popular Instagram post for six months. The author suspects had he been better with hashtags, it would still be #1. I would also like to note that the bond was literally the last item on everyone’s ballot, and still over 86% of Austinites made sure to vote on it.)