Verifone banks on pedicab advertising for SXSW

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Let’s talk about Verifone!

Something we appreciated about them is that they pushed us to create something new. We’ve created our own company-standard canopies; they’re straight black. We’ve created canopies for our Oregon friends; they’re straight white. That’s when Verifone comes along and requests custom-made purple canopies, with text. (Their SXSW campaign hashtag, #VerifoneDev.) This might seem like a small or strange thing to be excited about, but (1) they’re sharp as hell and (2) it’s something unique to outline in our portfolio.



Verifone required six wrapped pedicabs, staffed with 6 drivers for hire, each working 6-hour shifts, for 2 days. Five of their pedicabs had iDashes installed, which are iPads encased in a shell. They based their operation out of the JW Marriott, near the Convention Center. They filmed a lot of interviews while seated in our pedicabs, which was fun.

A nice touch is that all of the pedicabs had colorful, sparkling carriages. . .

(Author’s note: I had no involvement with this campaign during SXSW, but I seriously admired their commitment to style and color. I also want to commend their choice to brand canopies. Those will be around for a long time.)


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