Advance Auto Parts & Pandora – a Pedicab Partnership

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Arguably one of the most interesting advertising alliances, Advance Auto Parts and Pandora partnered together during SXSW 2017 to convert The Gatsby into an inspired Pandora venue. They fully wrapped 4 pedicabs and hired 4 pedicab drivers for 4 days. There’s an informal standard that those “driver for hire” shifts typically span 4 to 8 hours, but this campaign notably desired 9 hours. Advance Auto Parts dressed them in auto mechanic uniforms, which was also really inspired. (Author’s note: I wish I’d gotten one. They looked perfect for our pedicab manufacturing facility.)



The pedicab drivers provided badge holders free rides to and from the venue, literally stationed at the entrance and exit. Sometimes they were loosed upon the city to find lucky individuals and to comfortably whisk them away to Pandora House. It was a pretty cool concept.

There’s a little-known perk with pedicab advertising: if your ad looks nice and/or the space isn’t immediately needed, your ad will simply remain in place. There are two photos taken up to a month after the campaign’s official end in the Flickr album linked above, like the one clearly shot at a music festival. Include us in your marketing strategy, and perhaps your brand will enjoy the same fortune!


Their campaign is part of our TV shows, music, & movies portfolio. (We also worked together in 2018.)