Mercedes-Benz’s smart idea – three-wheeling ads during SXSW

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Mercedes-Benz and smart USA, building off our relationship with car2go, arranged a fun pedicab advertising campaign. They rented the Waller Ballroom, renamed it “house of smart,” and strategically deployed 4 drivers for hire with 4 sleekly wrapped pedicabs for 4 days. (Author’s note: I name-dropped and linked the Ballroom because it was a lovely facility, and I really enjoyed the staff there.)

The purpose of the four drivers was to take folks, interested in test-driving the latest smart cars, to a parking lot elsewhere in the city.

But, the day before that, one lucky pedicab driver was chosen to provide rides for smart CEO Dr. Annette Winkler (featured above with her husband at a smart billboard), Mercedes-Benz CEO Dieter Zetsche and marketing specialist Guy Kawasaki. This was for 12 hours. He was even, albeit briefly, featured in Mercedes-Benz promotional material.


Quoth the driver, “Quick! Here’s my phone; take my picture! Thanks!”


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