The sexiest pedicab advertising I’ll never unsee – Saxx Underwear

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It used to be that when an ad campaign opted to “brand” our pedicab drivers, they would be issued matching t-shirts and sometimes a complementary hat. Saxx switched that up. Instead, a select few of our fittest pedicab drivers were chosen to wear only underwear. Specifically Saxx underwear.

Their campaign was pretty simple. It would begin during the music festival, there would be 1 cab with a full wrap, and for 3 hours per day a mostly nude pedicab driver would tempt pedestrians with free rides.

Honestly, their campaign was pretty brilliant. We can easily ride 12 or more hours per day during festivals, which can get a little funky, and the pedicab drivers involved with this campaign can, will and did attest that they felt comfortable while wearing Saxx.

As an aside, our Twitter post promoting the campaign remains (as of this publishing) our single most popular tweet yet. It generated over 9,000 impressions. In addition to using the two hashtags printed on the pedicab (#SwitchToSaxx and #LifeChangingUnderwear), we also gleaned appropriate brand-specific tags from their social media accounts.

Here’s some exciting amateur footage! Fun fact –  the first two pedicabs we pass by are also from Movemint Bike Cab SXSW advertising campaigns.


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