Impossible rolls out their famed burger

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Perhaps you’ve read about the new plant-based faux-meat burger patty in the news. Impossible Foods unveiled their product at select locations – first in San Francisco, followed by New York City, and then they expanded their roll-out to include local Austin burger bar (and also now-impressive chain) Hopdoddy.

As chance would have it, it was also a literal roll-out that included pedicab advertising. Five pedicabs had fiberglass hamburger fixtures affixed to their frames, and ten more pedicabs were fully wrapped to also show off the new Impossible Burger. The distinct burger pedicabs left tongues wagging and mouths watering in their wake, and it wasn’t uncommon for pedestrians to flag down a wrapped pedicab to press the driver for details. Something that helped identify their affiliation with the campaign was the ‘Impossible’ flag that stood tall from behind each pedicab.



Each driver was issued a hat with the Impossible logo and an Impossible-branded t-shirt. The first day of the campaign was actually spent doing photo and video shoots that produced the following video, and the first day of the public campaign sent those fifteen drivers downtown to provide free rides for five hours. Since people were understandably curious about the new burger they’d read and heard about, the campaigners ensured we were informed and also provided literature so we could confidently answer the frequently asked questions.



The driver for hire aspect of the campaign was limited to the first day of the public campaign. It ran for another month afterward.


(Author’s note: The Impossible Burger really is quite tasty. Also, here’s the Flickr album.)


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