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Movemint Bike Cab manufactures all of its own pedicab ads using our own in-house large-format printer.  We are able to control all aspects of the pedicab ad production, from the paper and ink used in the printing process, assurance of accurate color representation, to how the ad is installed.  All of our ads come from our own eight-color printer and are laminated with a clear protective film to protect and provide them with the longest life in the sometimes rough-and-tumble pedicab environment.

Below is a small sample of the ad campaigns that we have done in the past.

This video playlist was put together by the IBM ad team.  It is one of the most successful campaigns we have done in that it really utilized some of the unique capabilities of our pedicabs to impact the lives of the folks we interact with, and showed the promoted service in a fantastic light.

These are some examples of pedicab wraps we have done over the years:

  • Our First Full wrap ads


We have, for 2 years running, done an advertising campaign with the Mt. Hood Area Advertising Council to promote tourism to Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory.  For this campaign we created custom canopies to make the pedicabs look like covered wagons.  Here are some pictures we took at the end of the 2014 campaign:

  • Rear view.


Movemint has also developed iPad display stations that can be used to show off new apps, music, or video content.  They are waterproof, theft-resistant, have large extra batteries and can be fitted with speakers if needed.  Below are some pictures:

  • In pedicab iPad stations


Wheel covers are available for all advertising packages.  They add approximately 10 square feet of highly eye-catching graphics in motion.

  • Third man Records SXSW 20115 pedicab advertising with Movemint Bike Cab Full Wrap


We also have advertising (billboard) trikes available to enhance the impact of all of the advertising campaigns that we work.

  • Illuminated billboard pedicab trike with HUGE advertising area


Please contact the company owners Ken Cameron or David Knipp if you are interested in advertising with us:

Ken Cameron

Phone: 512-584-9233

9 AM to 5 PM



David Knipp

Phone 512-665-2454

3 PM to 12 AM