Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory pedicab advertising campaign wins recognition

For the past 3 years, Movemint Bike Cab has been working with the Clackamas County Tourism & Cultural Affairs group to help create an advertising campaign that encourages Austin residents wanting to escape the oppressive summertime heat to go visit Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory. To make this happen, we decorated 20 pedicabs to convey the many ways that Mt. Hood is a fantastic place to visit.


We fully wrapped the pedicabs with printed vinyl graphics to colorfully illustrate the wonderful adventures you can have when visiting there, and pedicab drivers also carried pamphlets with more information for immediate distribution. Passengers could even “see” the Mt. Hood Territory for themselves using the two View-Master slide viewers attached to each pedicab.

We hearkened back to the days of the covered wagon. We created wheel covers styled after wooden wagon wheels, and created in-house, with our client’s guidance, very distinctive custom canopies designed to resemble Conestoga wagons. Our passengers enjoyed them during the hot and sometimes wet days of Austin’s spring and summer.

Their campaign was a comprehensive effort.  In addition to the 20 pedicabs, they had radio spots, billboards, bus ads, etc. This was further complemented with extensive use of social media to call attention to the wonders of of the Mt. Hood Territory:

Their efforts received accolades and earned recognition from their peers and the Oregon state government:

From our menu of advertising options they chose the following:

  • 20 fully wrapped pedicabs
  • 20 custom “Conestoga” canopies
  • 20 sets of “wagon” wheel covers
  • 2 View-Master slide viewers per pedicab with custom slide shows depicting some of the sights of the Mt. Hood Territory
  • Pamphlets and postcards that were handed to passengers to provide more information about Mt. Hood tourism as well as bags to hold the pamphlets.
  • Custom printed athletic t-shirts with the Mt. Hood logo
  • Talking points and coaching given to drivers about Mt. Hood

Below are a few pictures that we have take over the past few years of running this campaign:

photo 2-2

photo 2-3







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