Netflix’s “Disenchantment” @ RTX Austin 2018

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RTX Austin, a 3-day event created by Austin-based online-focused entertainment company Rooster Teeth, brands itself as “the world’s greatest celebration of gaming, animation, comedy, and internet culture.” Its popularity has increased in recent years, drawing 60,000 or more attendees. Due to its popularity with those familiar with “geek culture,” a lot of shows, video games, and movies are premiered at the event.

It only made sense for Netflix to premiere its new show Disenchantment there, which was created by Matt Groening of The Simpsons. (Oh, hey, its second season will be released on September 20th.)

Netflix selected the following options for their campaign:

20 wheel covers for 10 pedicabs, from our Ad printing menu. The pedicabs’ two rear wheels were covered to look like wagon wheels.

Driver branding and Driver-for-hire, from our Driver engagement menu. The pedicab drivers were provided Disenchantment-branded t-shirts, and they provided free rides for 15 hours (from 9 AM til midnight) from August 3rd through August 5th, for a total of 450 hours.

The working days were divvied into four 4-hour shifts, for 5 pedicabs per shift, with some overlap.

3D fixtures and Custom canopies, from our Outside the box menu. The pedicabs were fashioned after the carriage that is seen falling into a river in the YouTube trailer.

Their campaign is part of our Conventions and our TV shows, movies, & music portfolios.