Every step makes the bike.

Why ream a bottom bracket?  Why ream a seat tube?  We are only talking about pedicabs right?  Aren’t reamers expensive?  Yes they are.  And yes high quality pedicabs are expensive too.  We believe pedicabs should be worth their price.  We take these steps so that the end user will easily be able to service their pedicab, and so they will easily be able to adjust their seat post, and not have it slip down while the bike is in use.

We do these steps so that down the line maybe years after the purchase, if there comes a time when you have to replace the bottom bracket threaded insert, that it will be easy to do so.  We ream the seat tube so that a full range of seat heights will be available to fit riders from 4’11” to to 6’5″ with the loosening and tightening of one bolt with minimal struggle, some thing that happens all the time in pedicab land.  We also hand ream the head tube so that headsets are a snap to install and run smoother and longer without servicing.

These little things make a bike somewhat more expensive to produce.  These steps may not be sexy, but they make a difference.  They also make the bike a pleasure to operate and service.