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Engage the driver with these driver engagement options!

Brand ambassador

  • A brand ambassador is an evolution of the “Driver branding” and “Driver-for-hire” options. Teach us what to say, and we will preach your evangel! SXSW 2019 is when we first formally introduced this concept. Here is a list of clients who have selected brand ambassador.


  • Our pedicabs are perfectly equipped for product distribution. We’ve distributed energy drinks, soft drinks, water, popcorn, brownies, and other treats. To that end, we use handlebar-mounted coolers that are within arm’s reach of the pedicab driver (we call them Cool R’ Rax; pronounce it however you like), and we can store additional product in the pedicab’s trunk space, in a satchel connected to the seatpost, and/or in coolers strapped to pedicabs’ tailgates.
  • Here is a list of clients who have selected distribution.

Driver branding

  • Providing pedicab drivers with branded t-shirts is a sound investment; those t-shirts will be worn long after a campaign has ended. Thinner shirts or athletic jerseys are preferable, mainly due to the physical work involved. Sometimes advertisers complement the shirts with hats, e.g. PwC paired their tuxedo t-shirts with chauffeur’s caps for their SXSW 2014 campaign.
  • Here is a list of clients who have selected driver branding.


  • “For hire” means that passengers will ride for free because the advertiser has already agreed to pay the pedicab driver a set rate for their service. This, unsurprisingly, is a hit with both drivers and passengers. If the advertiser has a hashtag associated with their campaign (and printed somewhere on the pedicab or branded clothing), passengers frequently express their appreciation for their free rides on their social media for all to see. E.g., Whataburger adopted #fryride for SXSW 2016.
  • Here is a list of clients who have selected driver-for-hire.

Other advertising options are Ad printing, Digital, and Outside the box. Have a look!

( All of our other advertising options are fully laid out here. )

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