We have advertising space available for Austin City Limits 2018!

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October promises to be great for us and for your brand. You have the potential to make 1,000,000 impressions in Austin alone. Scheduled for this month is the massive two-weekend Austin City Limits Music Festival, followed by the Formula 1 Grand Prix, both events intermixed with Texas Longhorns football games, regular weekends (one extended due to a federal holiday), Halloween, and the assortment of other minor festivals and goings-on.

The calendar looks something like this

  • 5th – 7th: ACL Fest (Weekend 1)
  • 4-day weekend!
  • 12th – 14th: ACL Fest (Weekend 2)
  • 13th: UT Longhorns vs Baylor Bears
  • 18th – 21st: F1 United States Grand Prix
  • 27th: Halloween weekend!
  • 31st: Actual Halloween(, but did I really need to write this?)

It’s going to be awesome, and you’re encouraged to join us.

In addition to Austin, we also can expand the scope of your advertising to include other Texas cities, such as Arlington, Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys.

Post-campaign recaps precede this posting, if you’d like to read how we’ve worked with others. You’re also invited to look through our extensive Flickr portfolio. The albums are arranged in chronological order, as well as bundled in collections. The album ‘Through Their Eyes‘ is a compilation of photographs shared on social media that were taken by people other than Movemint Bike Cab management.

Let’s do it. Let’s have some fun. Let’s see where we can go, and what we can do. We look forward to hearing from you.

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