SXSW 2015 advertising pics

South By South West 2015 brought Movemint bike cab some really interesting advertising campaigns. We worked with Rhapsody, IBM Verse, and Third Man Records to name a few.

We have learned a lot about running advertising campaigns along the way. The Main thing is to not wait until the last minute to set up the campaign. While we do have our own printing equipment that helps us run tighter deadlines, if we are installing the night before SXSW starts then some thing is going wrong. Fortunately we were able to get our artwork in place well ahead of time.

Full wraps have become something that we do really well. All of our advertisers wanted them this year. They do cost a bit more, but the visual impact that they make is much greater. A full wrap covers about 25 square feet of pedicab, as compared to about 12-15 square feet on a pedicab wearing square panel advertisements. With double the space to get the message across, the designs firms that we worked with came up with some really great stuff. We have developed a detailed template that guides graphic artists where and where not to put their key elements. This template along with the proofs and test prints we create for our clients helps to assure them that their creative efforts become reality.

Along with the full wraps we have places advertising on Wheel discs, and canopies. All three combined create the greatest impact.

Below are some sample ads from SXSW 2015:

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