Movemint pedicab partners with IBM during SXSW 2015

We are so proud of how well our partnership with IBM Verse Email went during SXSW. I want to send out a special thanks to our pedicab drivers that helped make it possible: Kevin, Clint, Melissa, Les and all the others, You Rock!!!

We were really pleased to have worked with the IBM Marketing Team. They used our pedicabs as a platform for creating some incredible marketing videos. To prepare the pedicabs for their campaign, they came up with some fantastic art work that we printed on out own in-house printing equipment.

Creating success during the madness and short deadlines that come with SXSW requires flexibility. Because we own our printing equipment we were able to make last minute changes to the art work. This printing capability allowed us to give IBM the kind of service that no other pedicab company in Austin could have provided. We reprinted all of the graphics the day before SXSW started. Simple things like moving around some of the text to make it more visible, or creating custom color matching corner panels with our company names to match the colors of the IBM graphics are services only Movemint could have provided. As a result, the cabs looked great and let the message of our customer really stand out. If we did not have our own in-house print shop certain parts of our required company markings would have defused IBM’s message.

In-house printing is just one of the strengths that Movemint Bike Cab gives to all of our advertising partners. Be it custom metal work, custom canopies, custom fiberglass, or custom printing, Movemint Bike Cab will be your partner to make amazing advertising campaigns. We have the best looking and best equipped pedicabs in Austin immediately ready to roll out your message. Our creative department is ready to make your campaign look amazing.