Soylent is made *for* people: Pedicab Pop-up Adventures

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Soylent had a novel idea this past SXSW. They forsook the traditional pedicab branding – with full wraps, panel ads or whatever – and instead recruited three pedicab drivers to accompany and position their brand ambassadors in busy parts of downtown Austin. Soylent, you see, creates meal replacement drinks, and they were going to be operating during a 2.5-hour lunchtime window. The campaign began at 10:45 AM and ran for only 1 day.

The 3 drivers for hire wore branded Soylent clothing (shirts and hats) and also helped distribute product. It was a hit. Here’s some exciting amateur footage filmed two blocks west of the Convention Center!, and a photo album for those more interested in still life.



(Author’s note: I don’t remember titling the video “Breakfast”? I must’ve not eaten yet when I uploaded it to our YouTube account.)


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