Soylent @ ACL 2017

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ACL 2017 marked Soylent‘s fifth distinct ad campaign with us in 2017.

The first was during SXSW, distributing their meal replacement drink during lunchtime. The second was when the fall academic semester started, and we gave college students in West Campus free drinks and free rides to school. The third was when the UT Longhorns’ college football season began, giving fans free drinks and free rides to the stadium. The fourth was a digital campaign that focused on, but wasn’t limited to, downtown Austin’s weekend nightlife.

In the six months between SXSW and ACL, at many different events and locations, hundreds of thousands saw their ads, several thousand enjoyed their drinks, and several hundred enjoyed the free rides they provided. Soylent did a great job.

Soylent chose the following option for their ACL 2017 campaign:

Full wraps for 6 pedicabs, from our Ad printing menu. Sweet and simple.

Their campaign is part of our Non-alcoholic beverages portfolio. (We also worked together at SXSW 2017 and in Fall 2017.)