Jarritos @ UT Longhorns football 2018

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In 2018, soft drink brand Jarritos had a Super Bowl promotion called “Uncap the Ultimate Seat.” Beneath the caps of their drinks were prizes like Super Bowl tickets (and paid vacations to Atlanta), cash, and prizes and discounts with the sports apparel outlet Fanatics and the media streaming company Vudu.

Jarritos wisely decided that their best, most receptive audience would be the hundreds of thousands of fans at UT Longhorns college football games, so they chose to promote themselves at two of them.

Jarritos selected the following options for their campaign:

Brand ambassador, from our Driver engagement menu. Two pedicab drivers were provided Jarritos-branded t-shirts, and they distributed 240 drinks apiece for 4 hours per day, for two days, for a total of 16 hours and 960 drinks. While distributing the drinks, the brand ambassadors boosted Jarritos’ “Uncap the Ultimate Seat” Super Bowl sweepstakes.

2D signboards for 2 pedicabs, from our Outside the box menu. The signboards also advertised the “Uncap the Ultimate Seat” promotion.

Their campaign is part of our Non-alcoholic beverages portfolio.