Busy Bee Yerba Maté energizes Austin City Limits

When our San Marcos-based friends, Busy Bee Yerba Maté, made their way to the Austin marketplace in 2015, we teamed together to help them “pollinate” the downtown nightlife, Austin City Limits crowds and Longhorns football fans with their message of “All the buzz without the crash” throughout the fall season. They sweetened the deal by filling our personal shop fridge with their products over the duration, and our drivers fell in love. We’re actually about to reach our one-year anniversary together. We keep their ads rolling on at least one pedicab per month.

Learn more about Busy Bee Yerba Mate & where to get it @:  http://busybeemate.com/about/

From our menu of advertising options, Busy Bee Yerba Maté chose:

  • 5 cabs with panel ads, for a 5-month campaign



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