As UT football begins, Austin anticipates visitor spending.

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The following is an excerpt from the article linked above.:

One of the most visible forms of transportation from games, and arguably one of the most convenient, is the fleet of pedicabs seen at nearly every street corner.

Nathan Lipson, owner of Metrocycle Pedicabs, said the entire football season could have a greater impact for pedicab riders than the Austin City Limits Music Festival. He said depending on the time of the game, it can add up to 12 extra hours of service for a pedicab rider.

“It’s one of the major events that we work,” Lipson said.

He said game days bring in a completely different demographic than what most pedicabs are accustomed to, including families, children and the elderly. Pedicabs benefit because they are not bound by traffic congestion and pedicabs often accrue large amounts of business, typically charging $10 a head.

The Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau intends on commissioning another general economic impact report of UT football this fall with the start of the new fiscal year.