Pedicab iPad stations available for SXSW Interactive and Music

For the last 18 Months Movemint Bike Cab has been developing, building and using in pedicab iPad display stations.  These unique custom made enclosures allow an iPad to be used by pedicab passengers to access apps installed on the iPad.  The enclosure is waterproof and has room for an extra battery.  The enclosure also secures the iPad against theft.  They also have space on their exterior to have speakers installed and used as a portable stereo system if desired.  Clients have set them up to have map applications display in real time the fun stuff going on near by, and play music videos of featured performers, but this is by no means a limit to their usability.

Currently we have 32 iPad stations available, but up to 53 can be used with sufficient advanced arrangements.

Please contact us if you are interested in featuring your app or content on our pedicabs for SXSW interactive or Music in the ways listed below.

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