Oregon Mount Hood Area pedicab advertising campaign

Last summer we worked very hard to pull off what was one of our most complicated advertising campaigns.  The Oregon Mount Hood Area Travel Council pulled out all the stops for this campaign.  The overriding theme they were looking for with the pedicabs was the appearance of Conestoga wagons.

To make this happen we designed, tested and ultimately built in our own work shop 22 custom canopies that made the pedicabs look like covered wagons.  The canopies had to function day to day in our fleet operations by being able to fold to the rear when not in use, and fold forward when the pedicabs are stored away in a vertical position at the end of the night.     We also decked the pedicabs with wheel covers that looked like wagon wheels, a full wrap vinyl jacket with 5 variations to highlight different Oregon attractions, including golf, to beer, hiking, and water sports.  Further the bikes were equipped with View master hand held slide shows that had custom made slides in them so the passengers could get a intimate sense of the wonders that Oregon hold for it’s summer time visitors.  We also handed out literature to further explain those suffering through Austin’s Summer heat what cool destinations were to be had in the Oregon Mt Hood Area.

We estimated that we gave  in the range of 16,000 passengers pedicab rides during the campaign.  We were able to garner hundreds of thousands of views with our unique and visually striking pedicabs when they were operating all over downtown Austin.

We are very proud of how well the campaign turned out.  The photos were taken at the end of the 8 week campaign.   These photos should highlight how durably  we make our graphics and various props and how they stay good looking for the duration of our advertising campaigns.

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