Free SXSW events list when you join the discussion forum

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Hey Gals and Guys,

I have a present for you all.  I have created fairly comprehensive list of official events, like parties with free drink and food etc for all of SXSW.  This could come in very useful for deciding when to go pedicabbing and where to go.  To get you very own copy you just have to join the Austin pedicab private forum.

To join you will need to create a user name with your FIRST and LAST NAME and password.

Go here to join:

Then go here to get the event lists:

If you could be so kind as to introduce yourself to the others on the forum that would be great too.  Maybe you can put up a link to your Facebook or Myspace page.  Do that here:

-Ken Cameron

If anybody has some information on unofficial events and after parties please post a link in the comments section below.

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