10 frames on rack

Final frame welding

After we get the front and rear triangles, seat stays and drop outs tacked together and aligned the next step in our process is to complete the welding of the frame.  After this we install braze-ons, inspect the frame and touch up if needed, then they are off to the powdercoaters. This is a time […]

stack o rear triangles

Every step makes the bike.

Why ream a bottom bracket?  Why ream a seat tube?  We are only talking about pedicabs right?  Aren’t reamers expensive?  Yes they are.  And yes high quality pedicabs are expensive too.  We believe pedicabs should be worth their price.  We take these steps so that the end user will easily be able to service their […]

Third man Records SXSW 20115 pedicab advertising with Movemint Bike Cab
Full Wrap

Advertising wheel covers available

We have many options available for our advertising customers.  One of them is wheel covers.  Wheel covers add approximately 10 square feet of advertising space to the overall packages that we offer.  By placing some of the advertising in motion on the wheels really helps grab the attention of the people that we pass.


SXSW 2015 advertising pics

South By South West 2015 brought Movemint bike cab some really interesting advertising campaigns. We worked with Rhapsody, IBM Verse, and Third Man Records to name a few. We have learned a lot about running advertising campaigns along the way. The Main thing is to not wait until the last minute to set up the […]