New Austin pedicab rules still on hold

Source: Another delay on Pedicab rules? COMPILED FROM STAFF REPORTS Published: 6:45 p.m. Wednesday, April 27, 2011 Disagreement about where pedicabs can drive and park apparently will once again delay Austin City Council action on an ordinance laying out rules for the growing industry. Council Member Chris Riley, who postponed the item last week, said Wednesday that it will likely […]

Cost of breaking the law on a pedicab

The City of Austin has a very interesting web page up that spells out the cost of tickets that pedicabbers and other cyclists will commonly get. This information and additional details can be found here: The following fines were copied from the website above: Violation: Early Fine Standard Fine Non-motorized Vehicle- Wrong Way on […]

Standardized pedicab driver training is needed

Most transportation accidents happen due to the operator making a mistake.  Pilots, Bus drivers, Taxi drivers, and Pedicab drivers make mistakes. On rare occasions, these mistakes can lead to injury accidents.  By in large, professionals responsible for the transportation of passengers are very safe and well trained.  Most of these professions have training programs that […]

As UT football begins, Austin anticipates visitor spending. The following is an excerpt from the article linked above.: One of the most visible forms of transportation from games, and arguably one of the most convenient, is the fleet of pedicabs seen at nearly every street corner. Nathan Lipson, owner of Metrocycle Pedicabs, said the entire football season could have a greater impact […]