ACL fans love SkinnyPop Popcorn pedicabs

Proof(, and for the body of evidence, here’s the collection). SkinnyPop Popcorn‘s third pedicab ad campaign with us, for Austin City Limits Music Festival 2016, was identical to those they ran in both SXSW 2016 and ACL 2015.   Their whole design was pretty cute. It was bright, colorful and eye-catching. A pedicab was styled, […]

We have pedicab advertising space available for October

October promises to be great for us and for your brand. You have the potential to make 1,000,000 impressions in Austin alone. Scheduled for this month is the massive Austin City Limits Music Festival, followed by the Formula 1 Grand Prix, both events intermixed with Texas Longhorns football games, regular weekends (one extended due to a federal holiday), Halloween, […]

Verifone banks on pedicab advertising for SXSW

Let’s talk about Verifone! Something we appreciated about them is that they pushed us to create something new. We’ve created our own company-standard canopies; they’re straight black. We’ve created canopies for our Oregon friends; they’re straight white. That’s when Verifone comes along and requests custom-made purple canopies, with text. (Their SXSW campaign hashtag, #VerifoneDev.) This […]

Mercedes-Benz’s smart idea – three-wheeling ads during SXSW

Mercedes-Benz and smart USA, building off our relationship with car2go, arranged a fun pedicab advertising campaign. They rented the Waller Ballroom, renamed it “house of smart,” and strategically deployed 4 drivers for hire with 4 sleekly wrapped pedicabs for 4 days. (Author’s note: I name-dropped and linked the Ballroom because it was a lovely facility, […]