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Let’s talk about Ken:

Ken is a 12-year veteran of the pedicab industry. He is a part-time pedicab driver, and a full-time pedicab entrepreneur. He has operated pedicabs in Prague, Czechia; Denver, Colorado; Washington, D.C.; Tampa and Clearwater, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; Louisville, Kentucky; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Austin, Houston, Arlington, and Fort Worth, Texas.

He is also a certified welder, machinist, and bicycle mechanic, and has previously been employed as a computer technician and a film technician.

When he’s not working, Ken spends time with his wife and children.

Ken co-owns Movemint Bike Cab with David Knipp.

Let’s talk about David:

David is a 12-year veteran of the pedicab industry. He has operated all across Texas, as well as Tampa and Clearwater, Florida; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Washington, D.C.

David is a second-generation entrepreneur who, when not “mensch-making,” draws strength from his loving mother, friends, and the cool waters of the San Marcos River.

David has a background in education, carpentry, and beekeeping.

Let’s talk about Movemint Bike Cab!:

David and Ken founded Movemint in April 2009 after tiring of the limitations in the traditional nightly pedicab rental marketplace. Starting with 4 pedicabs, Movemint has organically grown to meet the demand of its riders to a fleet of 63. Movemint currently operates in Austin and Arlington, Texas.

You can visit Movemint’s Facebook and/or Instagram pages to see some of our latest ad/ventures!

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