YouEarnedIt @ WorkHuman 2018

YouEarnedIt, which is an adorably wholesome name, is a tech company whose headquarters are in downtown Austin.  I think they developed a software and program that makes it easier to improve employees’ performances and job satisfaction.  They have a friendly, glossy website, and if my half-baked understanding of their service interests you, you should check it out.

From April 2nd through 5th, Austin was home to the WorkHuman 2018 convention, at the Austin Convention Center.  WorkHuman had two full days – April 3rd and April 4th.  YouEarnedIt chose the following options to promote their brand those days:

  • 3 billboard pedicabs working 3 shifts per day
  • 3 regular pedicabs with panel ads working 3 shifts per day

The shifts were planned around mornings (to bring folks to the Convention Center from their hotels), after keynote speeches ended in the afternoon (to brings folks to their hotels from the Convention Center), and around dinner times.

If I were planning to make a splash at a convention of my peers, I’d make the same choices as YouEarnedIt.

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