Netflix’s “Disenchantment” @ RTX Austin

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RTX is an annual convention put on by Rooster Teeth, an online entertainment company that was founded in Austin in 2003 and now has a worldwide presence.  RTX is basically a celebration and affirmation of nerd culture; it’s pretty fun.

This RTX, we were tasked with something immensely delightful: make customized fixtures that look like the horse-drawn carriages featured in the trailer for Netflix’s new show, Disenchantment.  So, uh, we did.  We built 10 of these stylish carriages.  I want to emphasize that, from concept to creation, we built all 10 in less than 30 days.

RTX is a 3-day event, and these stylish rides were available (and free!) to convention-goers for 15 hours per day, from 9 AM til midnight.  We divvied each day into four 4-hour shifts, and 5 pedicabs were out per shift.  It was a pretty awesome undertaking, and we had fun.

To sum up what Netflix’s “Disenchantment” chose for their campaign, they:

  • provided comfortable “Disenchantment” branded t-shirts to our pedicab drivers;
  • had ten customized fixtures built;
  • had two wheel covers installed per pedicab;
  • and paid for 450 hours worth of free rides.


A little touch that I enjoyed a lot was this sign outside the staging area at the Austin Convention Center

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