I need BrainJuice right now. This title isn’t working.

^ Hey, thanks! ^

BrainJuice was a welcome, last-minute addition to our sprawling SXSW 2017 campaign roster. They asked for 3 branded pedicab drivers for hire. We obliged. Then they asked for 3 wrapped pedicabs. We obliged again. Then they took them out on the streets to personally deliver taste tests of their product to lucky pedestrians. Wow! What a service. The campaign lasted 4 days, with each driver putting in 4 hours per day.

BrainJuice did us another solid, too. We at Movemint Bike Cab are huge proponents of advertisers leaving foodstuff with us, and BrainJuice left a veritable cache of natural energy drinks. Much obliged.


(Author’s note: My original title idea was something about zombies and brains, like they wanted BrainJuice instead of brains and they’ve just been misunderstood all these years.)

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