City of Austin releases new draft of updated pedicab ordinance

Marcy Cardona of the Austin Transportation Department division of Public Works sent the following email message to all pedicab company owners in Austin today:

You will find attached a draft pedicab ordinance.  Please review and make available to your drivers.  If you have concerns regarding the alleged lack of safety of trailers or a possible cap on pedicabs, address those concerns either to Nathan Lipson of Metrocycle or Steve Smjastrla of Heart of Texas.  We would like to schedule a meeting with stakeholders and drivers as soon as possible – afternoon hours would be preferred.  I appreciate you getting back with me to let me know what day and time best fits your schedules.

Below is a copy of the draft ordinance attached in the email, now in .pdf format:

Austin Draft Pedicab Ordinance .pdf format

Here is the draft in the original Word format:

Austin draft pedicab in word format

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