NYC seeking to Cap number of pedicabs

Pols Seek to Keep Limit on City’s Pedicabs

By Jill Colvin

DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

MANHATTAN — Local pols could keep a cap on the number of pedicabs on city streets under new legislation set to be debated Wednesday.

The bill, introduced by City Councilman Dan Garodnick, who represents the East Side, would prevent the current license cap from expiring in May, holding the number of pedicabs allowed in the city at the current 850.

“We have reached our saturation point. There is no room for more pedicabs on the streets,” said Garodnick, whose office has received numerous complaints about the pricey tourist rides.

If the number dips below 840, a handful of new pedicabs would be added, Garodnick said.

The proposal is part of a larger package of tougher rules for the industry, which will go before the council during its monthly stated meeting Thursday.

All have the support of the mayor.

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