Expect changes on this website – No longer an “alliance”

When I started this website a few years ago, I hoped to compile good information to help Austin pedicab owners and operators earn more money, operate more safely, and help the general public better understand the pedicab as a viable mode of transportation.  I had hoped that it might be a more or less formal outlet for information and public statements from Austin pedicabbers.   For good or for bad,  I have been the only contributor to this website.

Early on, I solicited articles from individual riders and pedicab company owners on topics like safety, good business practices, how to make more money as a driver, training etc.  Unfortunatly no one came through with their articles, and I tried to fill in the gaps as best I could.  I also never could seem to get a unified statement out of the other pedicab owners to address the issues that they faced.  We all seem to have too many competing interests.

Pedicabbers are a wily bunch, and they often don’t want to tell people their secrets, and the techniques that help them have an advantage.  Unfortunatly pedicabbers can often be their own worst enemies.  They will often engage in bad practices until they are forced to stop even if it is obvious to the casual observer that it is not working well.

All of this is why I am changing the focus of this website.  I have removed the overly presumptive word “Alliance” from the title, and substituted “News”.  This name is probably temporary.   I will likely be taking this blog site in to areas that are more technical, covering topics of safer pedicab construction techniques, better business practices, better pedicab driver training practices, better ways of dealing with customers, etc.

I may also take the blog into a more personal arena covering some of my frame building, and pedicab building projects.

I will continue to cover the news as best as I can, with the limited time that I have available.

About Andrew

8 years in the business, over 6 of them with Movemint. I like to write, so I was asked to write articles for this website. That about sums up what I'm willing to share here, so thanks for reading!

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